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Franklin Community Co-op

Suzette Snow-Cobb, Co-General Manager

For years we hadn’t given as much attention to education about cooperatives as we should. As a result, the long-term consequences to our co-op and the cooperative economy is misinformation and confusion about just what co-ops are and their importance in our economy. I’m sure we’re not the only co-op that’s done this. It’s not uncommon for people to think there’s little difference between co-ops and privately-owned natural foods stores. If we expect this to change, we need to put more resources toward our Fifth Principle: Continue reading “Franklin Community Co-op”

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Roanoke Natural Foods Co-op

John Bryant, Marketing Manager

Roanoke Natural Foods Co-op has invested $3,500 in this project, following the funding plan, because it supports our Ends which says our store “exists to create a vibrant, local and sustainable cooperative community.” We plan to use this important documentary to tell the cooperative story – our story – in hopes to inspire future generations of shoppers, owners and employees to carry on the legacy of the cooperative model.
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Moscow Food Co-op

Carol Spurling, Outreach Coordinator

We are investing in Food For Change because it is the documentary we’ve been waiting for ever since we launched our monthly Good Food Film Series almost two years ago. At our Co-op, we have seen first-hand the power of film to educate, motivate and inspire. Films like Fresh, Dirt!, My Father’s Garden, and What’s On Your Plate? create palpable energy in theatre audiences. After seeing the trailer for Food for Change, I know that the film will be a great experience for our community, helping us understand our Co-op’s place in the world and reinforcing our members’ loyalty and sense of connection to the cooperative movement.
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BriarPatch Co-op

Chris Maher, General Manager

BriarPatch is supporting the Food for Change film with a donation of $5000, to be paid in two years. As one of very few cooperatives in our region, it is a challenge to communicate what co-ops are all about. People in our community, especially younger people, are unfamiliar with the concept and history. As natural and organic foods become increasingly popular and large grocery chains carry more of them, communicating the value of our food co-ops is increasingly important.
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Whole Foods Co-op

Sharon Murphy, General Manager

We initially chose to invest $1,000 in the co-op documentary Food For Change as it reflects our Board ENDS Statement “… to create a healthy community including, but not limited to, a healthy regional food system.” However, we recently increased that commitment to a total of $5,000 invested over two years as we will also use the film for our staff classes and public presentations on co-op history.We have a new independent and very comfy local theater, the Zinema. Our first effort at sponsoring a couple films for the public on food issues was well received, and we look forward to hosting Food for Change.
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Linden Hills Co-op

Allie Mentzer, Marketing Manager

It is our hope that Steve Alves’ beautifully crafted film will generate new enthusiasm for the cooperative model. We will be contributing $6,000 over the next two years to the completion of the film. As Food for Change will reveal, co-ops are at their strongest during economically or environmentally unsettled times like these. Now is a crucial time to share the co-operative model broadly, so that together we can nourish our families and reinvigorate our local economies. Co-operators are problem solvers. Food for Change will remind us all of that simple, glorious fact. Many thanks to Steve Alves, his production team and Franklin Community Co-op for telling our story. We’ll be contributing as much cash as we can. If you’d like to do the same, please invest now.
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