Your free streaming link to the 82-minute film:



Submit a Press Release to your local newspaper

Download the draft Press Release; modify the DOCX file with your co-op's particulars. TIP: Get this out to the local media ASAP and call to make sure they received it.


Share the trailer

Post the FCC Trailer on your social media and website. Get it out to your members and stakeholders in your community in whatever way possible. TIP: This is the most effective tool for promoting the film. TIP: Follow the "share" link to get the code for embedding the video on a web page.

Movie Trailer


Publicize in print and other media

Download our promotional materials package (ZIP file); use these free contents:

  • a printer-friendly 11x17 poster
  • promotional cards with blank space to fill in your screening information
  • standard-size web banner
  • historical co-op photographs
  • a 27x40 movie-sized poster
  • a headshot of director Steve Alves
  • email blast for communicating with your co-op members

If you need additional materials, please contact us.  We're happy to help!

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