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Newsletter #30: October 2020

Three Free Films

To celebrate your food co-op during National Co-op Month, here’s a free streaming link to Food For Change, good until the end of the year. You can post the link on your website, newsletters, Facebook page, and however else you reach your members. There are many co-op members who have not yet seen Food For Change and others who might like to see the latest version and share it. If you do decide to share it with your members, add your name to the map or let us know and we’ll put your co-op on the map.

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Newsletter #27: April 2018

Get On The Map!

Last week’s screening of Food For Change in Fargo, North Dakota, was a great success, drawing an energetic crowd to the beautifully renovated downtown theater. Advance radio, television, online, and print media coverage reached an estimated 25,000 people. “It was a good way to launch our capital campaign. Steve’s presence and knowledge brought significant attention to our co-op,” said Prairie Roots Food Co-op General Manager, Kaye Kirsch. “It’s inspired and galvanized us to work together to reach our goals.”

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Newsletter #26: January 2018

On Your Mark

The time has never been more ripe for co-ops to tell their story to the American public. A highly politicized populace and the increase of oligarchic power present an opportunity for co-ops to make their case. For this reason we are announcing a nationwide 2018 campaign about the important role food co-ops play in our food system and in the economic and physical health of the communities they serve. » read more

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Newsletter #25: October 2017

The Next Frontier

After returning from studying cooperatives in the Emilia Romagna region of Italy, I am now ready to begin a new phase of Food For Change that will focus on educating college students about the principles and practices of cooperatives. This school year we currently have ten presentations lined-up at colleges throughout Massachusetts. To expand the program we are seeking more contacts at institutions of higher education and are turning to our co-op friends for suggestions. » read more

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Newsletter #24: June 2017

Marketing = Education

Learning & Teaching

On Friday I am heading to Italy to study the region of Emilia Romagna, considered to be the world’s most successful and sophisticated cooperative economy. Co-op sectors in this region include agriculture, food processing, retail, construction, manufacturing, housing, finance, transportation, and social services. It’s the home of 8,100 producer, worker, and consumer co-ops that accounts for 30 percent of the region’s GDP. » read more

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Newsletter #23: January 2017

Time to Act

When a story is commonly held, in trust, it affects the way we think about ourselves, gives us hope, and leads to action. This is the reason I made Food For Change, to counter the dominant narrative of individualism and provide a touchstone for people in communities across the country who are organizing to address their needs through cooperation.

As we embark on an era of great concern for the direction of our nation, it’s important to tell stories that provide something positive to believe in—citizens strengthening their ties to solve their problems.


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Newsletter #22: Late Fall 2016

Big Change is Coming

Since their beginning, cooperatives have been on the forefront of progressive social change—advancing the principles of diversity and universal membership at a time when slavery was the norm and women were chattel. In the U.S., food co-ops were the leaders of change during the Great Depression, the War on Poverty, and the 1970s organic food movement. Along the way we’ve fought red-baiting attacks from bankers and monopolies, and the lowering of health standards when grocery chains enter new markets. We are now, once again, going through a time to test our mettle, our powers of reason, and our unifying strengths.

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