Spread The Word!

5  Ways  To  Spread  The  Word:

The response to Food For Change has been overwhelmingly positive. But the challenge still remains to get it seen by more people, especially those who know nothing about coops. We’ve developed an outreach and distribution plan to spread the important story of co-op history and the principals of cooperation. Join the movement to help raise awareness nationwide. If you want to help, sign up for our mailing list to receive alerts and information.

1. Tell  Your  Friends,  Family,  and  Co-Workers

Your enthusiastic endorsement is the best way to bring the idea of co-operation to more people. Tell people about the film. Share our information on your social media accounts. We are especially looking for individuals who would be willing to take an active role in promoting the film, and in return receive a free link to watch the film. If that sounds like you, or anyone you know, please contact us.

2. Join  us  on  Facebook  and  Twitter

Join our Facebook and Twitter communities. Share our accounts with others in your social media community.

3. Host  a  Screening

Screen the film for your church group, non-profit, garden club, or town community. Contact us for information.

4. Join  Our  Mailing  List

Sign up here to receive our regular email newsletters and to stay up to date on news and upcoming campaigns such as a week of free online streaming, DVD sales, and more!

5. Help a Start-Up Co-op

Over 100 co-ops are in development across the country. Several have already purchased the film and are using it to raise funds. Many others would benefit from owning a copy of the film to grow their membership but lack the funding to do so. Contact us to purchase a copy for a start-up co-op, and help strengthen the cooperative movement!

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