#10 of 16 stories from coop-rich Emilia-Romagna: In many ways SACMI looks like a well run high-tech international corporation. But it’s​ a co-op, one that expands the idea of cooperatives in a modern economy. Membership is not automatic and requires a high level of commitment, responsibility, and financial investment. For this reason employees outnumber members by more than 2 -1 (1,100 employees; 400 members). For nearly 100 years SACMI has weathered many economic storms to become a leader in the field of tile manufacturing machines and food packaging products. They are today the largest manufacturing co-op in Italy. With €900 million in annual sales, Vice President, Giuliano Airoli, says the future looks bright. Their coop structure has proven to be both collaborative and innovative. Exports have grown to more than than 85% and they do not plan to be left behind.

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