Reactions To Food For Change

I felt energized by the movie. I loved all of the historical background and couldn’t help feel that what we’re doing will be historic someday too. The movie made me believe that we can do anything!

– Linda Balek, Steering Committee Member, Food Shed Co-op, Woodstock, IL (start-up co-op)

We hosted a very successful screening to about 150 people in our community, and were able to sign up 16 members on that day. People reported that they enjoyed the framing of the co-op movement within a historical context.

– Malik Yakini, Detroit Black Community Food Security Network and Detroit People’s Food Co-op Start-up

We are brand new food co-op in Fargo ND. We used the movie as part of our membership drive / awareness raising campaign and had about 100 people out to view it at the historic theatre in our downtown…Being able to give historical and nationwide context to the food co-op movement is key. Many of our members attended the viewings and I think having co-op members with a strong understanding of the history and role of food co-ops will only serve to make our co-op stronger.

– Kaye Kirsch, Prairie Roots Food Co-op Start-up, Fargo SD

After the pre-showing of the movie this afternoon, my mind has been on over-drive and my heart so full of inspiration and emotion. It’s hard to believe that after so many years of thinking I was the only one who had “these” thoughts, it was enlightening to be watching the predecessors of my train of thought going into action. And then for me to be surrounded by fellow believers in the push for sustainability within our communities. This is EXCITING!

– Keni Rienks, Steering Committee Member, Food Shed Co-op, Woodstock, IL  (start-up co-op)

I saw this film a while back and I fell in love with it. I want to help spread the word on how wonderful cooperatives really are.

– Dani Lapiano, board member of the Mountain View Market Co-op in Las Cruces, NM

I just finished the film, and it blew me away; the archival footage and history went far deeper than I’d expected, and I’m impressed.

– Matt Cropp, Cooperative VT

I just wanted to thank you for making such an excellent movie and resource to help us be successful. Everyone loved your film at our public screening and it really helped to solidify why we are all volunteering to make our coop such an important initiative for our community. We just started selling ownerships and I would guess 15 are because of the movie. We have many more out there that are working to save money for the ownership because they were inspired by the movie!

– Doug Close, Steering Committee, Food Shed Co-op, Woodstock, IL  (start-up co-op)